Benin Ministry Report


Following the problems related to Yang Yuh-Minh, for several years the Church of Benin was left to its own. The members were able to unmask the false prophet except for about ten people.

During this period, guided by the Holy Spirit, the Church of Cotonou was able to organize itself for its survival with local offerings by renting a classroom in a school on Saturdays in order to keep the Sabbath and the unity of the Assembly.

The adversary tried to bring them back under his influence, going so far as to offer them money. Despite their poverty, understanding the real issue, the brothers and sisters were able to resist.

In the conflict with Mr. Yang, they had to leave the church building and enter a court trial. This has led to discouragement and dispersion of members. After numerous postponements of the trial, the court ruled in favor of the church; but the adversary appealed, preventing the brothers and sisters from recuperating their building.

At the same time, by the grace of God, spiritual and material help from a brother from Nigeria not only allowed the brothers and sisters to have a place to keep the Sabbath and preach, it also enabled them to progress in their spiritual practice.

In 2016, the FAMC (French AMC) was established to help the church of Cotonou. Since then, regular missions have been carried out twice a year with the goal to strengthen the Church, carry out sacraments, and also correct the heresies brought by YM, such as the dualism that had affected the members of Cotonou.

Regular follow-ups are also done by the missionaries and the brother of Nigeria through phone calls, internet and instant messaging.

Members are invited to a one-hour morning prayer service that continues today.

Evangelism in Pahou, a village near Cotonou, has established a new point of worship and a brother from Cotonou has built a church in his house so that there is a meeting point in the village.

In 2018, a leaflet containing all the verses of our foundations was printed and given to the church. A specimen of the hymns in French were also left in places of worship.

The more detailed booklets on the foundations are also ready for printing.


This year, the missions aim to establish religious education and teach more church hymns and then pass on the relay of regular follow-up work to pastors from neighboring countries: Nigeria and Ghana, in order to space visits and continue to spread the Gospel to other francophone countries.

2 new leaflets are to be printed before the next mission, namely:

  • One on the Holy Spirit
  • One on the Sabbath

The next one in progress concerns baptism.

A document for religious education teachers with the basis of our belief has been translated from “Just for me”. It must be formatted and also printed.

The handover from neighboring countries is not yet established and is part of the year’s objectives.

In conclusion, the hard trials that the church of Cotonou has been able to go through have made it possible to highlight the fidelity and perseverance of the members for God and His church.

Continuing to rely on His faith, strengthened by His experience, knowledge and perseverance in daily prayer, the church must continue to move forward with confidence.

For this to happen, members must progress in offering and preaching in order to allow God to continue to bless and grow the church in Benin, with the help of future pastors from English-speaking churches and the follow-up of the FAMC.