2019 English Writers Retreat (EWR) Reflections

  • You should attend! It’s an experience you won’t forget and it’s worth going! It’s funny too!
  • EWR lets you learn a valuable communication life skill and at the same time experience the sweetness of God’s word. I came out of it so amazed and enriched.
  • If you find that you dislike writing, or think that writing is not your talent for God, join the club. You will find the joy in searching through God’s words, discovering that hidden treasure for yourself, and sharing it with others. If you want to encourage others that are going through rough times, but you don’t know what to say, you don’t know where to begin, start here. You will also find so much joy in the fellowship, as there’s just non-stop laughter. I think that’s the thing that really burned calories for this entire event.
  • EWR really gave me an opportunity to cultivate myself spiritually. It gave me focus and a dedicated time to reflect on God’s words through prayer, deeper bible study and sharing with our brothers and sisters. It was also a wonderful time for me to truly meditate on God’s words. We learned practical tips on how to write effectively, organize our thoughts and edit our work critically. These are skills that I know will help me in other areas of church work. Literary Ministry is a truly valuable area that needs more workers.
  • I did not think EWR was for me, since I did not consider myself as a writer. But thank God that I was completely amazed by the word of God in EWR. There was great joy in studying the word of God. If you think EWR is just for writing, think again. EWR is a week of quiet time spent with God. You will learn how to go into the depth of the word of God, and also spend time throughout the week to dig into the depth of the word of God yourself, and be completely amazed by how deep His word is. So even if you do not think you like writing, come for the wonder of the word of God. You will be amazed.
  • I highly encourage you to attend! It is like going to a safe haven where you can grow your relationship with God through reading His words and deep prayers. It is a time where you can reflect and bask in His exceedingly wonderful grace and soak it in. It is a time where you can be edified by the sharing of fellow brethren and feel united in Christ.