17th Africa Ministry Training Course (AMTC)

*The requirements of attending AMTC this year have been updated. Please read the following instructions before submitting applications to AMC. 

  1. This seminar is planned according to the Work Plan of the WHDWM of the IA. 
  2. Training Course conducted by IA (WHDWM). UKGA and AMC are to provide logistics support.
  3. The objective is to provide opportunities for those who have a gift and calling in evangelism to participate in the missionary work in Africa.
  4. The complete gospel has reached many countries in Africa. However, much assistance and manpower are still needed in equipping local sacred workers, setting up the RE system, as well as establishing church building constructions. 
  5. The applicant to be a voluntary worker must meet the following requirements:
    • Has been a baptized member for at least three (3) years,
    • is aged 21 years or above,
    • has received the Holy Spirit, is of pure faith, and has good conduct. b. Is able to communicate fluently in English and any other relevant languages. c. Is experienced in one or more of the following: Religious education, sacred music, counseling, sermonizing or construction
    • Preferred: Youth Theological Training Course (YTTC) or National Youth Theological Seminar (NYTS) graduate.
    • Those who have previously attended but no longer qualify based on the above requirements will not be eligible to attend this year. 
  1. Application Procedure:
    • ALL applicants, new or repeat, must submit the relevant AMTC application form endorsed by their local council board to AMC (amc@tjc.org) by August 31st, 2019.
    • Once approved, attendees may then purchase their travel tickets. 
  1. Maximum attendance capacity is 60:
    • Approved applicants will be officially informed by the Western Hemisphere Department of World Mission.
    • NOTE: APPLICANTS SHOULD NOT BOOK TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY NOTIFIED OF THEIR ACCEPTANCE. (Any tickets purchased before WHDWW approval will not guarantee attendance nor will AMC be held responsible for any travel costs.)
    • All airfare or other travel expenses are covered by the attendee.
    • Host church may not include accommodation for additional days outside of the allocated AMTC timetable. Please contact london@tjc.org for additional accommodation requests.

Pre-Work Training:

  1. All selected voluntary workers must undergo the AMTC.
  2. Venue: London Church, United Kingdom
  3. Date: January 5th, 2020, 11:00 am to January 10th, 2020, 6:30 pm
  4. Registration begins January 5th, 2020 at 8:45 am
  5. Languages to be used in class: English, Chinese
  6. Course Descriptions (51 hours)
    • Spiritual Cultivation (S Hwang 6 sessions)
    • Religious Education (M Hsu 2 sessions)
    • The One True God (HH Ko 7 sessions)
    • The Holy Communion Sacrament (HH Ko 3 sessions)
    • The One True Church (FF Chong 7 sessions)
    • Questions and Answers (FF Chong 3 sessions)
    • The One Baptism (J Liu 7 sessions)
    • Africa practical work issues (Volunteer 5 sessions)
    • Work Reports (Volunteer 2 sessions)
    • Prayer sessions (10 sessions)

Attached here are the Event Schedule and Registration Forms (First Time Attendees and Returning Attendees). Please keep this event in your daily prayers!