Korea Ministry Update

Korean Church’s 70th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

In 2018, it was a very special year for the General Assembly of True Jesus Church in Korea (hereinafter referred to as the Korean GA), which coincided with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Church in South Korea. In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the church’s establishment in Korea, thanksgiving services were held at the following three places: (1) Dae Bang Church in the Seoul area of northern South Korea (November 10, 2018), (2) Jeon Ju Church in the south-central region of South Korea (November 17, 2018), and (3) Bu San Church in southern South Korea (November 18, 2018).

The local churches also held their own 70th anniversary thanksgiving services. During this services, a video “70th Anniversary Film” produced by Korea GA, about 15 minutes long, was played. It introduces the establishment and development of the Korea GA and local churches. The Horeb Choir teamed up with the church choirs, and many believers participated in this event. We deeply were thankful to the true God in heaven who constantly reaches out His hands to work with us to develop the holy works in Korea all the way to this day. All ministers are full of gratitude, and they are determined to offer their best for the holy works in the future.

Then in January 2019, a total of 480 copies of the 70th Anniversary Publications and 390 special commemorative albums were published. The commemorative edition details the history of True Jesus Church in Korea from 1948 to 2018; the special commemorative album reminded many seniors of the good past. The General Assembly also exhibited special nostalgic photos until the end of February.

The 9th Junior High Students’ Visitation to Churches in Taiwan

The Eden Scholarship Foundation held a trip to Taiwan for junior high school students from July 22 to 27, 2018. There were 23 junior high school students and 8 teachers joining this trip. The lead was Pr. Hong Yong-Suk. We hope that by visiting the churches in other countries, we could have more opportunity to care for the students for their faith and to build up the foundation of their faith, so they will grow up as fully as possible in the faith to become workers in the church and be prepared for assisting the international works. Thank God that during the visit some Taiwanese college youths also participated in the visitation.

The College and Social Youth Group Visited Israel and Jordan for the Fourth Time 

The Eden Scholarship Foundation held a trip to Egypt for the youth from August 9 to 19, 2018. The leader of this trip was Pr. Kim Hee You. There were 26 youth participating.

Preacher Theological Seminar 

The Pastoral Department of Korea GA holds two Preacher Theology seminars a year. This year, Pr. Hong-Hsiung Ko was invited to serve as a lecturer. This seminar was respectively held on March 19-29 and September 3-13. The purpose of holding this event is to cultivate the theological qualities of the preachers. The general other denomination churches (Protestantism) are very powerful in Korea. In order to be able to talk to the pastors or believers of other denominations in Korea, the preachers must be equipped with good theological qualities. In these seminars, the preachers always compile the contents of their writing notes into books. The course will also be recorded and shared with everyone. Beginning in 2019, the seminar will be extended to three weeks.

Evangelical Service and Minister Workshop in Local Churches

Every year, according to the request of local churches, Korea GA invites foreign lecturers to assist the holy work in Korea. The chairman of Taiwan GA, Eld. Ming Yang Chao, went to Korea from April 6 to 16, 2018, to assist the Spiritual Convocation and Minister Workshop in Geo Je Church. The believers of neighboring Bu San Church also came to participate in this event. On April 15 (Sunday), a minister workshop was held, and most of the preachers in Korea and the board members of local churches came to participate. In addition, Eld. Ming Yang Chao also visited Korea GA, Dae Jeon Church, Gang Nam Church, An Dong Church, and Dae Bang Church. He fellowshipped with the local believers and commenced the special service.

Social Working Youth Spiritual Convocation

The Education Department of Korea GA invited Pr. Steven Shek in UK to serve as a speaker for the Social Working Youth Spiritual Convocation. In addition to assisting this convocation, Pr. Shek also led a Sabbath service in Jeon Ju Church.

The Horeb Evangelical Choir’s 30th Anniversary Concert

The Horeb Evangelical Choir held a 30th anniversary concert at the Youngsan Art Hall in Yeouido,

Seoul, on September 9, 2018. Psalm & Wisdom Singers from Taiwan, Elder Bill Tseng, and several believers from Taiwan also came to Korea to join this event and listened to the music together.