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Mindanao Island is the second largest island in Philippines. Because of the abundant resources and land, Filipino called this place the promised beautiful land. Due to the political instability, 60% of the residents live in poverty. In this beautiful land, kidnapping and battles against the government is constantly happening. However, God especially loved the residents of Mindanao Island. In 1983, a Pentecostal pastor came to seek the truth in Bacolod and became our member. He then brought back the Gospel to Pagadian within the island. There are 8 churches established in Mindanao Island and 6 prayers houses, 9 places of worship, 3 pastors, and 2 theological students. This is the most prosperous region in Philippines in terms of holy work.

Cagayan De Oro Prayer House Holy Work Status

In 2010, sister Jenny Lin who came from Imelda, ZamboangaSibugay prayer house married to Cagayan De Oro, which is the northern part of Mindanao Island. There were no True church at that time, so Jenny Lin and her cousin Melanie Padilla observed Sabbath at their own home. In 2014, Pastor Ezekiel visited them and Pastor Zacahi Yang and other holy workers also assisted in pastoring. 

In 2016, Sister Jenny Lin’s father, Jaime PasadOpmia was inflicted with headache. The local doctor diagnosed it as high blood pressure. However, the illness got worse and he would often vomit and was not able to function normally and was bedridden. Sister Jenny Lin took care of her father at her home in Cagayan De Oro. Through the diagnosis of the doctors there, they confirmed that this was a brain tumor and hospitalized him. The doctor informed them that he needed a high risk brain surgery. Jenny Lin and her family was greatly worried at this news. They were sad when they thought about how their father labored his whole life but hasn’t had a chance to enjoy life. They prayed to prolong their father’s life. The entire family relied on God with one heart and requested intercession from churches of various areas. After one month of prayer, her father’s illness was obviously getting better. They went for another scanning and the doctor confirmed that the brain tumor disappeared! Her father was then discharged from the hospital. This miracle has strengthened the faith of members in Cagayan De Oro.

In 2016, Jenny Lin’s house was not enough for use, so they built a simple hut at the land near by with three white cloths and used it as a place of worship for a year. In 2017, the members increased to 15, so they bought a land together and established a small chapel 12×16 feet. They put on the True Jesus Church sign and raised the name of the Lord.

The Hut for Service in 2016

Current Chapel

Second Wave of the Work of Holy Spirit

In 2018, a spiritual wind arises again. On October 25, the Philippines Evangelical team received a letter from a worker in IA informing them that a pastor named Rececco Regino from Cagayan De Oro started studying our doctrines after receiving our Mana Magazine. He would use the information from Manna Magazine to teach his members during service. This pastor wrote a letter on October 3 to our IA office and got in contact. In November 20-21, the Philippines Evangelical team sent Pastor Ezekiel, Pastor John, and Deacon Joseph to Cagayan De Oro to meet with pastor Rebecca Regino and 6 other pastors. They held two days of seminars where the attendees were very diligent in learning, especially pastor Rebecca Regino. There were no debate during this trip. They raised questions on the topic of God and were able to humble themselves to kneel and pray for the Holy Spirit. They then agreed to hold monthly seminars after this trip. The next day, another pastor came and inquired on the topic of Sabbath and infant baptism. Several days later, pastor Rebecca Regino texted and expressed the willingness to baptize the entire family into True Jesus Church.

Doctrine Seminar

Two pastors with our workers

Mindanao Island residents lived with a lack of material abundance for a prolonged period of time, however, their hearts longed and thirsted for the hope of heaven. Like most Filipino, they love to sing; therefore, they sing mostly regarding the heavenly kingdom. From this, we can see that their hearts desire for the promised beautiful land of heaven. Let us raise our hands of prayer and remember the brethren in Philippine churches. May the name of the Lord Jesus be more glorious in Philippines.