Fundraising Request for New Church Building in Vancouver

By the grace and guidance of the Lord, the Holy Works of Vancouver church has progressed continually. The membership has now reached 402 and the Lord continues to increase it. The church had a plan to branch out for more than 10 years ago and for this purpose there are regular Sabbath services in Surrey area established for several years now. 

They have found a church building in the Burnaby area with a sitting capacity of 240, which the location and size are ideal for their use. If acquired, this new church can accommodate members from Burnaby and Eastside, which account for half of the membership of Vancouver church. The purchasing cost of this church building plus renovation is about $4,075,000 (Canadian dollars). They will need $1,225,000 (Canadian dollars) by December 15, 2019 in preparation to close the deal. 

The Vancouver church humbly seeks your generous financial support for this church purchase. If you’d like to contribute financially, please issue your check payable to International Assembly of the True Jesus Church (note that it is for the Vancouver area church purchase fund in the memo section) and mail the check to the IA office at 21217 Bloomfield Ave., Lakewood, California 90715. After all the offering checks have been collected, the IA will wire the total offering amount to Vancouver church.

Your support in prayer for this church purchase is as importance in seeking God’s guidance. May the Lord bless you for your kindness, care and love for the extension of His Kingdom.