Australia Holy Work Report

Australia Coordinating Center includes five churches, one house of prayer, and one worship place. It also takes care of the pioneering work in Fiji. Aside from the routine pastoral, evangelical, and training work last year, this update will briefly introduce the status of each church,
prayer house, and pioneering areas.

First is the Adelaide prayer house, which had its dedication in May 2016. They began to diligently establish the church holy work, including Religious Education, Children Bible Camp, Spiritual Convocation, Gospel Tea Fellowship, and all types of seminars. There is also regularpastoral visits to Roxby Downs (5 hours away from Adelaide) to care for a family that emigrated from the Philippines.

Golden Coast worship place, which belongs to Brisbane church, started having regular Sabbath services from December 2015 until now. It currently has consistent truth seekers attending services. Brisbane church also established construction funds for Gold Coast in 2018, hoping that a stable worship location will be established in the near future so that the growth of all the holy work will be more complete.

Photo of Brisbane members

There are ten members in the Darwin worship place that used to worship at a location provided by a member for the past ten years. Since 2018, the member returned to use the place for himself, so Darwin members will take turns to worship at different members’ houses. The
Darwin working team is seeking a solution for this. For example, having video Sabbath services face to face with the assigned workers every two weeks. As well as regular video conference for Religious Education Service every Sunday. They are hoping to find a suitable location to hold regular services so that the Gospel may be spread out.

About twenty years ago, Fiji pioneering region was entrusted to Australia by East Region Evangelical Department. Australia coordination center established Fiji Evangelical team to be in charge of the pastoral and evangelical work in Fiji. Thank the Lord, through God’s great
guidance, it has been nineteen years since the start of the work in Fiji. It started with only one family that emigrated from Taiwan, to having local residents that studied the truth and believed. In addition, nine years ago, a few brothers from Fuching, China started their sand mining business from Fiji Navua. Until now, more and more members immigrated from China to Fiji. Currently there are 35 members and 7 regular truth seekers at five service regions. Thank the Lord, these members also brought their children to study here; therefore, the Religious Education work will be one of the important works in the future.

Melbourne church has been growing in the area of evangelical work. Many members also moved from other areas to reside in Melbourne. Therefore, Croydon church that was dedicated in 2012 is starting to get full. The church council has been diligently looking for another service location in North Melbourne, hoping that there will be an additional service location in the Melbourne region through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Perth currently has two churches, Dianella church and Cannington church. Although Dianella church has fewer members, the church is proactively establishing the training work, especially for evangelical work. Cannington church was dedicated in 2017. Thank the Lord! The church purchased an additional three-bedroom house in the back of the chapel to solve the lack of RE classroom location issue. There are also quite a few truth seekers who would attend service consistently. Of that, three truth seekers are non-Asian, may the Lord continue to guide them.

Photos of Perth members

Bexley church that was branched out from Sydney church has recently completed the renovation of the chapel in September 2018. It will start having Friday night Sabbath service in November and plan to officially start Sabbath and RE services on January 26, 2019. Thank the
guidance of the Lord, the work of branching out was clearly guided by God. For example, there were 83 members that attended service the first time Bexley held service. After that, there would consistently have 70-75 members. If adding the members from Parramatha church that used to have about 75 members attending service, it would be more than the 100 member attendance in the old Parramatha church. The council members intend to re-organize the workflow between the two churches in the future. If all the planning work becomes stable, Bexley church will be dedicating its chapel in 2020. May God work greatly in Sydney and branch out a third church in the near future.

There are members from three families that moved from China in Waga Waga, which is in New South Wale State, five-hour drive from Sydney. In order to provide pastoral care, Sydney church holds weekly video conference religious education as well as sending volunteer workers to their location for service. The three families also hold group audio prayer sessions every night. May the Lord greatly care, guide, and bless the work in Waga Waga.

Thank the Lord! Australia has a great land with abundant resources. It is a country with a high level of financial growth. We believe that God will be willing to flourish the work in Australia. Not only to allow immigrated members to enjoy a stable life, but also to use the abundant blessings from God to carry out their entrusted mission. We hope that churches from all over the world will pray for the work in Australia so that it will become a place that will carry out the promised mission entrusted to the True church of end times.