A New Religious Education Program in Indonesia

In 2019, True Jesus Church in Indonesia started a new program, “PENDIDIKAN AGAMA MANUSIA SEUTUHNYA” (PAMS, translated as “Whole Person Religious Education”), a religious education (RE) system for adults and the elderly.

PAMS is held weekly on the Sabbath day before or after Sabbath service. Led by a facilitator, participants study different characters in the Bible together using a discussion format. By asking questions that encourage participants to open up about their feelings and what they learn from the characters, members are more enthusiastic and actively share personal testimonies with one another and the struggles within their personal, work, and/or school lives. Through such sharing, members grow together in faith and build up the church together.

There were 9 members who were trained to be PAMS facilitators in September 2018. In February 2019, a PAMS Workshop was held in each Indonesian church region, i.e. the Jakarta region, West Java, Central Java, and East region, Kalimantan. Not only did these facilitators get to refresh their knowledge, they also helped to train other members to become facilitators for the program. There were over 200 participants at these workshops and the overall feedback was excellent!

From West Java, Bandung Church

The training began by praying together. Then, every church gave their report about PAMS at their locale. Most of the facilitators and participants  shared really positive feedback. They shared that the format of the program encourages members to have open up about their feelings and that the questions make a person think about how to become a “new man” with Christian values. It is encouraging to the participants because the material is not difficult, but facilitators need to prepare ahead of time and learn how to encourage discussion and ask stimulating questions. May God help and guide our facilitators so that our church can continue to grow in the newness of Christ!

From East Region

Praise the Lord, [the] workshop… was really helpful. We now understand more about PAMS, and know how to become a good facilitator. Now we know our weaknesses when conducting PAMS on the Sabbath day and know how to deliver it correctly. I hope we can hold this training more often in the East Region. Thank you.”

“For me this event was really good in helping us grow in servitude. Also, it helps us understand that we need to learn how to serve. Praise the Lord.”

“This workshop made a deep impression and taught me a lot about becoming a good facilitator. The new materials are very useful for adults and elderly.

From West Java

“The participants were very enthusiastic and wanted to know how to make discussions during their PAMS fellowships more interactive. In the theory session, the participants also seemed particularly enthusiastic. It was both a productive and joyful time.

From Jakarta

“In this training, we were reminded of the purpose of PAMS and how to be a good facilitator.”

From Central Java – Salatiga

“Our workshop went very smoothly; participants were active and the time passed so fast!”


Using PAMS we are renewed in Christ. May all the honor and glory be unto our Lord Jesus Christ!