Current Status of the Divine Work in the United Kingdom

Pastoral Work 

In order to help brethren equip themselves with spiritual wisdom and knowledge for the sustainable development of the church, the UKGA has organized a number of seminars and fellowships in 2019. In the first two quarters, the National Brothers Fellowship (with 119 participants), National Evergreen Fellowship (with 132 participants) and National Sisters Fellowship (with 286 and 260 participants on the first and second day respectively) were held. From the end of March till December, local churches and some of the places of worship also held evangelical services, spiritual convocations, and special services. 

National Sisters Fellowship

National Evergreen Fellowship

An ordination ceremony was held on 2 June by the UKGA to ordain Brother Daniel Liew as a full-time preacher. At present, there are six full-time preachers and one theological student in the UK.

Elder Fu Ming Tse, the IA Chairman, visited the UK and Ireland from mid-May to mid-June. During this period, he made pastoral visits to local churches and places of worship and assisted in a spiritual convocation, an ordination ceremony, and two seminars. He also attended the UKGA Board meetings and provided valuable suggestions. In addition, Pr. Jacob Chen from Taiwan came to the UK at the end of August and assisted in the Preachers’ Spiritual Cultivation Retreat and a number of evangelical and spiritual convocations as well as seminars held at local churches during his seven-week stay.   

During the summer holidays, the National Student Spiritual Convocation was held in Elgin, Newcastle and Sunderland with 115 students attending. The National RE Teacher Training, organized for the Mandarin-speaking brethren (29 attending) assisting in RE in the places of worship, was held in Leicester. 

Various Training 

A number of national training courses held this year have also gone smoothly, namely:

  1. Africa Ministry Training Course ― apart from the 22 UK brethren, there were brothers and sisters from the United States, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Russia, and Singapore, making a total of 38 brethren attending.
  2. Adult Theological Training Class ― this was held in two classes at Sunderland Church with the assistance of Pr. Enoch Hou (IA). There were around 100 participants attending.
  3. Youth Ministry Training ― 66 youths from all over the country as well as Hamburg and Paris went to Sunderland to receive training on “My Faith and Service.” 
  4. Minister and Worker Spiritual Cultivation Seminar ― an average number of 70 participants attended each day of this seminar, held with the topics “Serving the Lord with One Accord” and “Mount Zion – the Church of God.”
  5. Youth Theological Training Course ― the three-week course was held at Leicester Church and London Church with the assistance of Pr. Tony Kuo (IA). The number of participants was 74, including youths from abroad.
  6. Literary Ministry Seminar ― this workshop-based seminar was held in Sunderland with the theme “Christ & His Church.” There were 35 members attending, including 13 brethren coming from South-East Asian countries. 

Adult Theological Training Class

Other Divine Works

During the first half of the year, the UKGA provided assistance to Dublin Place of Worship, Cambridge Prayer House and East Paris Church in raising funds for their acquisition of church buildings. Thank God for His love and guidance. Local churches and church members were willing to offer with the spirit of one family in Christ. May God guide us to continue to glorify His name in the UK.