African Ministry Committee (AMC) Charity Fund

Hallelujah! May the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you! 

  1. Due to global climate change, natural disasters in Africa have continued. Droughts, locusts, and the global COVID-19 have caused the African economy to stagnate. Believers are unemployed and crops are not yielding harvest, bringing our brethren in Africa into an extremely critical state. There are believers who cannot pay rent, tuition, and medical expenses, and their lives are very difficult.
  1. For this reason, the African Ministry Committee under the IA has decided to set up the AMC Charity Fund to help the poor brethren in Africa to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic and provide support for any needs in the future.
  2. We ask that after each General Assembly, Coordination Center, and IA-directed Church assists in raising funds, the spirit of one family in Christ continues through the continual supply of love and intercession (2 Cor 8:12-14). Please encourage everyone to actively donate, be it big or small, that God may regard our combined offerings of “two mites” as an acceptable sacrifice.
  1. Each country is requested to collect the funds and transfer them to the account of the International Assembly in the USA. Please indicate that the purpose of the offering is for the AMC Charity Fund. For details, please contact the IA offices in the USA or Taiwan.
  2. May the grace and peace of the Lord always be with you! 

Please contact your local church council if you’d like to make a donation to the AMC Charity Fund.