Japan Holy Work Status

Thank the Lord, Japan churches and members are currently well (Ps 91:15). Due to COVID-19, the coordination center decided to stop physical services, fellowship, and meetings starting in April 2020.

However, the pandemic brought out the warmth in people. Members of different countries felt like family. Many showed concern to Japan over phone calls and mail and also provided protective gear. The council of the coordination center has weekly meetings focusing on the pandemic to provide help to each church and try to understand the needs of the members. Although the physical services have come to a halt at the churches, the church council and fellowship leaders actively invite members and truth seekers to join online services. They also encourage everyone to continue making offerings so that the church will not go through financial hardship.

Currently, Elder and Mrs. Dong Wen Huang and Preacher and Mrs. Shun Chung Hsiao take turns to pastor the Kansai Prayer House, Nagoya, and Kobe Family Service Locations. The Kanto region consists of the Japan Coordination Center, five churches, and five family service locations and is pastored by Elder and Mrs. Yung Ji Lin. Elder Lin is also the speaker for the Theological Seminary in Japan. Deacon and Mrs. Chi Cheng Chang were pastoring for a short term from February to March. May the Lord remember their labor.

Three years ago, Brother Liji Kobayashi signed up as a theological student. Thanks go to the Taiwan General Assembly and the Japan Theological Seminary for assisting Japan in training preachers. Brother Kobayashi completed the Theological courses in June 2020 and will return to Japan for fieldwork. Two youths also dedicated themselves last year, but they were not able to go to Taiwan for classes due to their visa statuses. After many considerations, the decision was reached to establish the Theological Seminary at the Japan Coordination Center. Starting in September 2019, International Assembly and Taiwan GA has sent speakers to train the two students for three years.

There are seven council members in the Coordination Center. There are six churches, seven family service locations, and approximately 1200 members. There are three theological students and three resident pastors. Starting in May, there will be two full-time administrators. There is a hope to establish a Japan GA within five years.

Pray to the Lord to continue the growth of Japan’s holy work. We believe that the name of the Lord will be more glorious than the previous glory in Japan. May the Lord have mercy upon mankind on this world and keep all members of the True Church in His peace during this pandemic.