Fiji Mission Work Updates

Thank the grace of God we are able to continue in the Fiji Mission Work. Below a brief report for 2020:

  1. On 12 March 2020 – The day COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic – A notice of suspension was issued to all Fiji Mission voluntary workers for visits in the next 4 months.

  2. In March / April 2020 – General word of encouragement and precautionary health and hygiene measures was circulated to all members in Fiji. Live service streaming links and times of TJC Melbourne and TJC Sydney were distributed to members to join in.

  3. In May 2020 – IA approved USD 30,000.00 contribution sum to TJC (Fiji) Church building fund.

  4. On 29 July 2020 – Vendors requested extension of settlement date of property to 31st July 2021. On 30 July 2020 – Trustees of TJC (Fiji) signed to accept the extension of settlement date.

  5. On 3 Aug 2020 – In tandem with EH, a subsequent notice of suspension was issued to all Fiji Mission voluntary workers for visits till 28th Feb 2021.

  6. In lieu of the suspended visits, online (Zoom) services with Fiji members were held on a Sunday by VWs during the original scheduled period. (See Appendix 1: Photos). This arrangement will continue until we are able to resume visits to Fiji by VWs.

  7. In mid Dec 2020, Fiji was hit by tropical cyclone Yasa, which left ‘devastation’ across Fiji’s north. Thank the grace and mercy of God, none of our members in Fiji were adversely affected.

  8. On 19th Dec 2020, the members in TJC (Fiji) met to hold the 3rd Annual General Meeting – we thank God that everything proceeded smoothly. (See Appendix 2: Photos)

  9. FMC has over the past few years extended invitations to eligible youths in Fiji to join ST3C organised by the Australia Coordination Board with the aim of providing them the environment to learn the word of God and to train up our younger ones to be future workers of the Church. We thank God that Bro Ian Kumar and Sis Rachel Prasad have both accepted to attend the ST3C this year (held online over Zoom) and their parents are supportive of their decision. 

  10. We thank the grace of God, and pray that God continue to guide us in this work, to give the workers strength and wisdom to feed His lambs, and to be useful vessels of God to bring more people into His fold.

Fiji Mission Committee