2022 USGA Theological Training Events

In 2022, the USGA will be holding Online Adult  Theological Seminar (OATS), National Youth Theological Seminar (NYTS), Pioneer Missionary Volunteer Program (PMVP), and National Adult Theological Seminar (NATS) according to the 2022 Theological Training Events Schedule. Event schedules will be posted on events.tjc.org, where participants may register. Participants are encouraged to finish all assigned Bible readings related to the lecture topics prior to the seminars. Since PVMP participation is based on church recommendation, please see the attached file for details regarding PMVP requirements and registration instructions.

To alleviate the host churches’ workload, attendees are advised to fly to the airport indicated on the registration website with members of their local church.

Instructors are encouraged to submit NYTS and PMVP lecture materials to the GA office prior to July 12, 2022, and NATS materials prior to October 31, 2022.

For any questions regarding the above theological events, please feel free to contact the respective event coordinators. May God bless us abundantly!