Cambodia Ministry Update

Due to the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers and ministers from various countries assigned by the International Assembly were unable to enter Cambodia since January 2020. While following government regulations, our church encouraged members to pray thirty-minute prayers four times a day and to fast and pray for the suffering brethren in the newly developed areas. We also prayed for the evangelism ministry and COVID affected areas.

We uphold the two major goals of “proclaiming the gospel and shepherding the flock.” Thank God, we were able to continue the progress of completing our work plan as follows:

  1. The first new chapel of True Jesus Church in Cambodia was completed in July 2020. All the supplies were moved to the chapel on July 12, and the building was completed on the 27th.  The new chapel will start to be used at the end of July.

  2. The Taiwan GA, Global Living Spring Foundation, True-Vine Life Caring Association, and Antioch Missions sent two Chinese language ministering workers on September 21st, 2019 to Cambodia to help Cambodian full-time ministers to learn Chinese. They also assisted in teaching piano, trained believers to play piano for the church, and assisted with hymnal translation to Khmer and editing of hymnal music sheets.

  3. The Cambodian hymnal translation and editing team was established in March 2020 with a total of eight members. Since June 2020, they have actively translated and edited hymns. The first 469 will be translated from the Taiwan GA hymnal version, and 470-525 will be based on the United States hymnal version. In order to make the Khmer hymnal translation, editing, typing, and typesetting work go as smoothly as possible, we are recruiting a full-time Chinese teacher to stay in Cambodia. This person must have computer clerical skills and music theory to assist in this work. We expect the work to be completed in five years.

  4. The 2020 spiritual convocation was suspended in May due to the pandemic; it was held in various provinces in October and November, for a total of four times. Although the floods in Cambodia occurred during this period of time, the convocations were successfully held thanks to the intercession of brethren. This year, there were 37 people who received water baptism across Cambodia, 14 believers who received the Holy Spirit, and 302 people who received the cup. May God continue to guide the development of evangelism in Cambodia. 

May all the glory be given unto the name of the Lord. Amen.