True Peace in a War – Update from Moscow Church

This year marks the last year of the Moscow church’s nine-year plan, with the theme “Full Obedience.” The theme of the online New Year’s evangelistic service held from January 1st to 2nd was set as “Hearer of the Word and Doer of the Word” in line with the annual theme. Pr. Tony Kuo from Canada assisted throughout the whole process, with topics such as “How to Listen to the Word,” “Keep the Sabbath Joyfully,” “Learn How to Offer,” and “Children Are Gifts from God,” to encourage believers to study and practice the truth of the Bible with their hearts. The other two evangelistic services were using “The Road to Eternal Life” and “Worship the True God” as topics to guide everyone to establish correct beliefs and worship the one true God. In the last fellowship meeting, Pr. Kuo shared his faith experience and favorite hymns with the theme of “Summarizing the Past and Looking Forward to the Future.”

On the afternoon of February 5, a special online Chinese New Year meeting was held as usual. The church board members reviewed last year’s mission and introduced this year’s holy work plan. Individual believers and families gave thanksgiving testimonies and shared hymns. 

As the local government’s quarantine restrictions were lifted, Moscow church resumed Sabbath church services in mid-April. In order to reduce the risk of infection, the church purchased five air purifiers before resuming gatherings and placed them in the chapel, dining hall, and religious education classrooms. Considering that a small number of believers will still meet online, a Zoom meeting is held during the church services and a new network system has been specially installed to ensure the quality of the gathering.

From May 7th to 8th, the spring evangelistic service combining online and in-person was held. Due to the Ukrainian-Russian war and sanctions, it was not easy for overseas workers to enter Russia. Under the coordination of the International Assembly and the Moscow ministry team, Pr. Timothy Yeung from the Canadian Contact Center, Pr. Johnny Liu, Dn. Ezra Chong, and Dn. Steven Shek from the UK General Assembly (UKGA) assisted the holy work through the internet and synchronized the gathering with the believers who physically attended the service at the Moscow Church. The four workers addressed the theme of “Submission and Blessing” combined with the current situation and encouraged everyone to strengthen their faith and hold on to the truth. Before the spiritual meeting, a worker took the initiative to move a 62-inch flat-screen TV from his home to the chapel and connected the computer and audiovisual equipment so that the congregation could see the images of the workers online more clearly and communicate with each other.

Deacon Zephaniah Hsu of the UKGA assisted the Russian ministry from June 24 to July 9. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Deacon Hsu successfully obtained a visa to enter Russia and purchased an air ticket. The Moscow church held the first baptism, foot washing and communion service after the outbreak. The church held the election of the church board members, trained the new church board members, as well as an in-person student spiritual convocation.

Thank God and also thanks for the care and prayers from our members all over the world. Although the pandemic in Moscow has continued, and the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out in late February this year, holy work in the Moscow church proceeds as usual with no reduction in church service attendance and offerings. Up to now, security in Moscow has not deteriorated, there is no shortage of necessities, and the daily life of faith of believers has not been greatly affected.

May God continue to lead and preserve the Moscow church and the True Jesus Church around the world! Hallelujah! Amen!