2023 Youth Training Events

Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. This announcement is to execute in accordance with the 2023 work plan of the IA Training Department.
  2. The IA Training Department compiles and circulates a list of the youth training in 2023 around the world, so that youths from other countries can also sign up and attend those events.
  3. International youth exchange not only broadens the youth’s spiritual perspectives, but also helps them to acquire the truth in the Bible, grow in spirit, and set their foundation of faith, which facilitate the next generation to work together in the global ministry. This will form the youth a correct mentality of faith, of marriage, and of the value of life, and also help towards the goal of youths marrying within the Lord.
  4. Attached please find the List of 2023 Youth Training in Every Country. Please inform the local churches and encourage your youth to attend these events. For details, please refer to the List of Youth Training in Every Country.
  5. The attendees shall follow the application procedure of the hosting GA/CB with its respective registration form or apply using the attached Registration Form.