2021 Overview of Evangelical Ministry in Cambodia

The outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019 and the global pandemic in 2020 caused many countries to impose border restrictions, leading to many changes in the work of the TJC Cambodia Evangelical Center. Thank God, in 2021, God continued to guide the evangelical work of the Cambodia Evangelical Center through prayers.

Spiritual Convocations

Spiritual convocations were postponed in the first half of 2021 due to pandemic restrictions. It was not until the beginning of October that the Cambodian government announced the country would gradually open up again with conditions, and normality did not resume until November. To meet the requirements of the government and spread out the believers, the number of service locations in each province was increased. In the second half of the year, from October 22 to November 14, a total of seventeen locations across the country held spiritual convocations and performed Holy Communion. These included four baptisms and footwashing sacraments, with twenty-six people being baptized and one receiving the Holy Spirit. 302 members received the cup. The thanksgiving offerings during these spiritual convocations totalled 4,558,781 riels (1,108.56 USD). 

Phnom Penh Chapel Space Planning and Third Dormitory Construction Project

  • After moving into the new chapel and using it for a period of time, we discovered that there was a slight shortage of space. Therefore, the original multi-purpose room on the second floor was divided into a children’s classroom and a multi-purpose room that can be used as a prayer room, audio-visual room, meeting room. etc. 
  • Thank God for bestowing an opportunity to us. The owner of the house next to the parking lot asked the landlord (a church member) whether he would like to purchase the house. After negotiation between the landlord and the owner, the purchase was completed in March 2021 for 75,000 USD. Construction started in October 2021 after simple planning. The house is expected to be handed over at the end of December and will be used by the church in Phnom Penh. The space plan is to use the first floor as the parking lot for the church’s business vehicles, and the second floor as the third dormitory for full-time workers and their families. 
Exterior of the Third Dormitory


Current Situation of Religious Education

The First RE Teachers’ Training in Cambodia

The first RE Teachers’ Training was held from November 16-20, 2021 at Phnom Penh. This course was primarily for kindergarten class education. The existing textbooks and hymns for the kindergarten class were used as study materials. Youth from the countryside were taught how to apply them, so as to train them to become teachers and assist in the work of shepherding the Lord’s lambs. There were a total of 10 workers, 11 lecturers (6 brothers and 5 sisters), and 16 students (10 sisters, 6 brothers), totalling 37 attendees.