Holy Work Development in Central Thailand

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Mahachai House of Prayer

From 2018 to 2019, Pr. Chih Ming Huang served as a resident preacher at Mahachai House of Prayer. He began to hold evening family services and each family took turns leading the weekly family altars. Therefore, the local believers became more united, which contributed to their commitment to the church. Preacher Huang’s work was based on his care for the holy work in Thailand. He had been a board member of the church in Bangkok, and hence he could put himself into the shoes of the believers.

Thanks to the Lord’s grace, and with the assistance of Pr. Jiasheng Yang, who pastored the church in Thailand, the Mahachai Prayer House was officially established on July 1, 2020, just before the outbreak of the pandemic. The house rented from a Taiwanese businessman was remodeled for use as a chapel. All the believers here branched out from Bangkok Church. There are nine members from four Chinese families, and they mainly speak Mandarin.

God led the evangelism work. Sister Lin Jinzhen in mainland China introduced her classmate, Ms. Li Yuping, to the True Church in Thailand. She contacted Sis. Cuifen, a believer in Mahachai, actively guiding her to the truth. On December 26, 2020, she was baptized and successfully became our first newly baptized member.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, physical services were suspended and changed to online services. In September 2020, the person in charge of the prayer house started an evening prayer group on LINE, which met daily at 9:00 p.m., except for Friday and Saturday. They prayed and read the Bible to fellowship with each other, and thanked the Lord for His guidance. It has been two years since. We felt God’s presence and miraculous works. In the front yard of the prayer house, there was a mango tree. The owner had planted it many years ago, but it did not bear fruit. It has now produced fruit since the beginning of church gatherings. From August 12th to 14th of last year, we held a spiritual convocation and evangelism services. Eleven people partook of the Holy Communion, and a total offering of 15,600 baht were received. We can see that God has been leading believers to move forward smoothly.

Kamphaeng Phet Gospel Center

In early March this year, we actively searched for a suitable location as a new evangelism center to meet the needs of evangelism and pastoral training in the area of Pankadai Church and Kaoqiao House of Prayer. Thanks to the Lord’s guidance, soon there was a house prepared by God, which had never been used. The land is 68 square meters. It is a single-family three-story building. The original design was for a restaurant. Floor-to-ceiling windows were set on the second floor, well-lit and spacious. Approved by the General Assembly of the True Jesus Church in Taiwan, we officially signed a three-year contract and began to rent in April. Finally, we held our first service on July 9th, and our first spiritual convocation on August 6th. Five people were baptized, and 23 people partook of the Holy Communion, and a total offering of 2,043 baht was received.

Kamphaeng Phet Gospel Center