News Report on the Current Situation in India

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  1. Number of Churches: 14 churches, 3 prayer houses, 2 places of worship
  2. Number of Believers: 1700 members
  3. Number of Ministers: 14 deacons, 4 deaconesses, 5 preachers
  4. Number of REU students: about 207 (with 35 teachers)

Situational Report for the Second Half of the Year 2021 until August 2022

Thank God, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the India Coordination Board (ICB) together with the India Mission Committee (IMC) organized an online National Spiritual Meeting on 12th September 2021. The theme was “Let not your heart be troubled…” (Jn 14:1).

After India reopened its borders, Elder Joshua Phoong made pastoral visits to India and Sri Lanka from 16th March to 4th April 2022. During this trip, Elder Phoong not only visited the churches in India, but also conducted various services with the members over there. 

In addition, ICB held their Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) for the year 2022. During that year’s ADC, new office bearers were elected.

The new office bearers elected are as follows:

Chairman: Pr. Andrew Nickelson 

Religious Affairs: Dn. Timothy Christodass

General Affairs: Pr. Simon Daniel

Financial Affairs: Dn. Stephen Raju

Literary Affairs: Dn. Moses

Educational Affairs: Dn. Joshua Jaishanker

Youth Affairs (appointed by IMC and NEAC-ICB): Dn. Boaz Pradeep

Zone 1: Bro. Madhi
Zone 2: Bro. Isaac
Zone 3: Bro. Paul Raj

In order to improve ICB’s administrative system and work, IMC decided to work closely with the ICB’s various departments (i.e., pastoral, literary ministry, and religious education) and to provide guidance. We thank God that over the years, ICB has been able to actively participate in evangelism by regularly holding evangelistic meetings at church, outdoor evangelistic meetings, and other evangelism events. Therefore, the local preachers have been able to venture out to preach the gospel in new areas. We pray that the Lord will continue to guide ICB and the work of evangelism in India. 

Below are some photos of the holy work carried out in India.

Discussion with truth seekers on the 10 basic beliefs

Elder Phoong meets with ministers and visits members.


Pammal Gospel Meeting