Sowing and Watering in French-Speaking Africa: Holy Work Update 2023

The pastoral and evangelistic work of the French African Ministerial Committee (FAMC) carries on despite the limited number of holy workers.
We prepare our missions with weekly meetings via the internet.

French-Speaking Countries in Africa

  • Countries generally considered to be French-speaking. Out of the 54 countries that make up Africa, 26 countries and two French islands speak French (i.e. half).
  • Countries or regions sometimes considered to be French-speaking.
  • Non-French-speaking countries that have joined the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF).


We had a pastoral mission to Benin at the beginning of the year to strengthen the church board, evangelists, religious education teachers, and students. We also visited the various church gathering points in the country and strengthened the newly baptized members.

Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)

Missionary work continues in the Ivory Coast. Last year, a deacon from a religious association in Abidjan, the economic capital of the Ivory Coast, wanted to know more about the gospel because he had read a leaflet from our church. He understood the truth, accepted it immediately, and received the Holy Spirit the same day. This year, three more people around him received the Holy Spirit.
In addition, a truth seeker brought people together to hear the gospel preached by our workers who were on a pastoral visit in the capital Yamoussoukro.

Pastoral visit at Ivory Coast / July 2023



Concerning Congo, a part of the dissident group that followed the heretic has awakened. The area of Goma, where the church was established, is currently in a war zone and difficult to access. We are also working with truth seeking friends in Lubumbashi and Kinshasa.

Please keep the FAMC mission in your prayers. May God help us to do the difficult work in the French-speaking areas of the world.