2023 Ministry Volunteer Program (MVP) Summer Internship Program

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We are pleased to announce that the Ministry Volunteer Program (MVP) will be expanding in 2023 to include a summer 10-week full-time internship program. (Please note this announcement is for the 10-week internship; a separate announcement for the 1-week summer workshop will follow soon). The internship program will be an opportunity for volunteers to assist various GA departments with ministry projects serving evangelical and/or pastoral purposes over a longer project time period, while at the same time further developing and utilizing their talents/skills for the ministry work. The start and end date of the internship can vary for each intern to accommodate varying school and work schedules.

The MVP summer internship will overlap with the 1-week summer workshop, held in Cerritos church, in July 2023. Interns are also strongly encouraged to attend NYTS/PMVP during their internship. Interns will be expected to work either in the USGA office in Cerritos, CA, or remotely, depending on project needs. Interns working at the USGA office will be able to apply for up to a $100 per week living subsidy to help cover for meals, gas, lodging, and other living necessities. In addition, interns will be encouraged to stay at the USGA dormitory if they are from out of town.

We welcome working professionals and students who have the heart to serve to participate in this program. The program is open to all youths who have graduated high school by July 2023 and older. Applicants for the MVP internship are required to have attended the MVP 1-week workshop and NYTS at least once previously (exceptions may be granted). Full-time attendance is required. Any interested youths should apply at http://events.tjc.org by April 14, 2023.

The departments and projects of the summer 2023 MVP internship program are as follows:

-The Literary Ministry (LM) department is seeking 2 in-person or remote interns for assistance on the following projects (specific projects will depend on individual applicants’ skills and background):

  • eLibrary Media (format conversion, transcription/caption, Bible verse indexing)
  • app development (user research, coding)
  • website update (using WordPress)
  • design (flyer templates) and promotion (of various LM resources)
  • social media (posts, reels)
  • flyer content (testimony selection, editing, formatting)

-The Evangelical Department Music Ministry Committee is seeking 1 in-person or remote intern for assistance on the following projects (specific projects will depend on individual applicants’ skills and background):

  • hymn lyric video production
  • hymn recording editing (piano and/or vocal)
  • music score creation (memory verse songs, members’ hymn arrangements)
  • vocal recording (choir, small-group singers)

If you have any questions regarding the MVP summer internship program or the application process, please contact the MVP coordinators at mvp@tjc.org. Applicants will be notified by May 15th of their acceptance. Please keep this event in your prayers.